“the gauntlet”

Some recent creative playing… 🙂

My submission for “The Sketchbook Project”  (Brooklyn Art Museum)

So, I sent it in yesterday….here is the front of the book…


Got the screen glued on….makin decisions of what to put in there….


here is an angle where you can kind of see the cover as well…


…attached the mini-book and added some gold leaf…


adding hardware punctured the screen…but I decided I liked it… 😉


Heres a close-up of the mini-book (before I put gold leaf on it) and the jaws


and a close up of the screen…(pre-smashed)


I named the book “The Gauntlet” and you can check it out on the Sketchbook Project tour, or on their digital library after it gets scanned sometime this month http://www.sketchbookproject.com/users/chinook

For more info about the project… (The Brooklyn Art Library) http://www.sketchbookproject.com/projects/sketchbookproject/how

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