Wax Project

This new project involves making wax casts of antlers…they were from a small rack I picked up at a second hand place.  (good deal too, I found 50 bux a previous owner had stashed inside the skull cavity!  kind of a weird surprise…)  I used that part of the skull for the previous ceramic project here 


here they are in their hard cases…


I used a mixture of beeswax and paraffin with some dyes for the casts

I like how the casts turned out…there are atleast 12 of them, some are a lighter brown and I will probably just use for the extremities


I have no experience with wax so this has been interesting…

fun though, I think I’d like to do it more for sure in the future..

I think it wants to be a bird…will see what happens tomorrow

photo (1)



so heres how it went today….I guess it did want to be a bird lol


I think I might heat him up later and tweak the angle of the neck a bit…


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