Working on the Century Play props

The props team and i have been working on various projects; the giant swan puppet, vehicles such as cars, a miniature hot air balloon, and smaller items
I worked on the canoe last weekend.
Hopefully soon we will have a chance to test run the swan puppet before the show


Swan puppet wings…






Beginnings of the canoe….



the pipe…


My wild rose ‘wood’ carving..



A Synopsis of the Play!
The GP Century Play – what it’s all about


The GP Century Play begins in the early 1900’s as settlers move into the First Nations territory of the Beaver People, the Dunne-Za. By this time, there were many different Aboriginal peoples settled here, predominantly Cree and Metis. As the Edson Trail was opened, European and American homesteaders came into the area. Act 1 of the play moves through WW 1, the Spanish Flu Epidemic, the Great Depression, WW2, all the way to the arrival of the City Charter in 1958. The individual stories told are woven together by the homesteaders who plant the cottonwood trees along Bear Creek, and a mixed race couple who fall in love and are married at the end of WW1. The stories of Act 1 revolve around the development of agriculture, particularly wheat.


Act 2 encompasses the 1960’s to 1995, and the opening of the Canada Winter Games. Here the focus in on the development of GP’s downtown business core, the introduction of the lumber industry and oil and gas. Environmental issues – polluting the Wapiti River and saving the Trumpeter Swans – come to the fore, and some city celebrities make an appearance. Our Aboriginal population is under stress in the residential schools. GP creates its identity through its own radio and newspaper reporting and resists the “big business” of Calgary and the “experts” from Edmonton.


Act 3 celebrates GP of the 21st Century. Aboriginal people are recognized as community builders. New cultures are welcomed as people come here from all over the world. The crazy “rat race” of the oil and gas industry and its toll on young families and the challenges faced by newcomers are acknowledged. Our hopes and dreams for the future are seen in the lives of the youth of the city. The stories of this Act are threaded by a young Filipino woman working 2 jobs and a single mother entrepreneur with a son graduating from high school.


All the Acts of the play have songs written by local songwriters and original choreography. The stories are representative, not specific to individual people – though hopefully you will recognize something of your own experience of living in GP somewhere in the play. There is a part for everyone in the GP Century Play, so please join us and share your story – you are part of the celebration!

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