A book for the Sketchbook Project IMG_0311

heres a couple close ups of the inside…



a little clay guy I am workin on…



Since I fired the clay pieces, here is a view of the colour change..


A project displayed at the “Out of Nothing” art show for the Street Performer’s Festival…

A Current work in progress….clay and some assorted other goodies to be attached

mirrors, wood, stuff…


Glow in the dark creepy faces are always fun…

A  3/4  guitar….acrylic, tiles…some wire…

Cottonwood Bark Carving 2″ x 8″ 




4 Responses to Sculpture/Assemblage

  1. erikatakacs says:

    Love these mixed media assemblages! You’re very creative. The little clay figure with the built-in antler is my favourite. Is there a picture of the finished piece?

    • chinook says:

      Thanks 🙂 Yea, I’m really enjoying making that one…I just fired it last week and am working on assembling the pieces.
      The clay shrunk a bit and I’m filing down the bone to make the clay fit on it properly.
      Trying to decide if epoxy will be good enough..
      I should make a post on him…he looks funny right now all laying in 6 pieces lol

  2. erikatakacs says:

    I don’t trust any glue in the long term. I use screws, dowels or wire to hold the pieces together, in addition to epoxy. With clay I guess you have to think ahead though, I guess. Risky to drill holes when it’s fired. 🙂

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